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B&Q Limited is a British multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company, headquartered in Eastleigh, England, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kingfisher plc. Founded by Richard Block and David Quayle in 1969 originally as Block & Quayle, the retail chain offers over 40,000 products across 300 physical stores and online shops.


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Current Employee - Customer Advisor says

"Zero career aspects for most people. It isn't about what you know but how much you suck up to management. No full time contracts and hours go to the friends of managers instead of hard workers that get the job done. No feedback from management on how to improve or on tasks that need doing. Too many decisions made by people from high up with no clue of how a store actually works."

Former Employee - Front End Cashier says

"Some unpleasant managers, don’t know how to communicate to staff on a HUMAN manner (we aren’t in the military, no one has any right to talk down on someone unprovoked ESPECIALLY managers), no appreciation, HUGE lack of diversity. Don’t even let me get started on staff treatment during lockdown.."

Current Employee - Customer Advisor says

"1) 50% of your colleagues are scally and chaves. 2) Poor pay 50p to £1 above the minimum wage. 3) Overworked doing 3/4 peoples jobs, as the company does not employ people. 4) No training is given so you have not got a clue how do the job properly. 5) Short staff on every area of the store. 6) Management are rubbish and don’t have a clue about how to manage people and get the best out of people. 7) The moral is really low 8) Poor health and safety and working conditions that you end up hurting your back, cutting your fingers, engaging with chemicals with no safety measures 9) Staff toilets are not clean that you can’t even breathe when you go in there, smells of pooh. 10) Staff canteen is dirty 11) No career development, but who wants to work there anywhere. 11) The exploitation of the weak and vulnerable in society who can’t get jobs elsewhere. 12) Customers who shout and abuse customers because of the poor service they get from the company. 13) 3 people on the tills when we have 30 checkout machines. 14) Rude and racist colleagues who don’t like the BAME people. 15) Cutting corners at all levels that you are impacted in a negative way e.g. trying advise customers on building material when you don’t have a clue. 16) Breaks and lunch break can’t be taken on time and at times not be able to take them. 17) Getting paid overtime is a nightmare, you have to chase them all the time to get them to process it. 18) Hard to take annual leave because they have limits and if you don’t take them you lose them. 19) Rotas are poorly done and changed so you get turned away when you are scheduled to work. 20) Supervisor/Team Leader don’t have a clue how to manage and do their jobs properly 21) everyone hates working there and want to leave and are workshy."

Former Employee - Trading Manager says

"Politics within management is dreadful. It’s not about how good you are at your job, it’s about who you suck up to the most. Management tolerate bullying and victimisation of staff providing its ones that they “don’t like”. The consistency of implementing policy and procedure is dreadful. Even when they are proven to get things wrong they cover it up between themselves."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management, bullying mentality, overworked and under paid 3 sick days allowed in 12 months"

Current Employee - Front End Advisor says

"awful managers, dont respect you, have obvious favourites"

Former Employee - Stockflow says

"Thanks for your comments, and sorry to read that you had a negative experience in your specific store. We'll be sure to share your review with the relevant management team so that they can make changes."

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"Thanks for your review, and for recommending B&Q as a great place to work. We'll be sure to share your comments with the relevant management teams in your specific store so that they can address any improvements."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for your review, we'll be sure to share your comments with the relevant managers in your store so that they can affect positive change."

Former Employee - Design/Sales Consultant says

"Bad management and most employees were unhappy"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"just dont work here, if you are on the tills half the time you end up being left alone when you need a price check and your not ment to leave the tills so you get stuck with a customer who starts getting angry with you about it noneeverythingThanks for sharing, it sounds like you had a soecific issue in your store. Hopefully you were able to discuss your concerns with your line manager. We wish you all the best for your next job."

Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"B&Q is the worst place I ever worked. Poorly managed by incompetent undeveloped management who don't know how to lead and manage and look after a team of workers. The manage are scally and chaves who have become managers because their face fits. They don't have a clue in management and never been trained to be managers. The whole company is poorly managed and we are told we are here for the greater good of the company and should worship B&Q as if it is a religion. Staff are overworked and exploited with poor pay and working conditions. The company cuts costs at every level that you are burden with so much workload. The stores are understaffed and poorly run that it has a negative consequence on the employees in terms of customers complaining and taking out their frustration and shouting at the poor service you give them. Everyone has a can't do attitude to work and the moral is really low due to the poor pay, workload, bad management, bad culture and working conditions which ruin your health. Everyone wants to leave and find a better job. But B&Q exploits the weak and vulnerable in society who can't get jobs elsewhere and are stuck and trapped there. The management and the company don't care about the workers and treat you like rubbish. I have never worked in a company like this. As you have read in other reviews this place is an awful place to work and the good reviews look and feel fake. I have reduced my working hours since I started working there and now only do 8 Hours have worked hear for over 5 years part-time. B&Q is not a professional company as1) 50% of colleagues are friendly and nice to work with. 2) 20% staff discount1) 50% of your colleagues are scally and chaves, 2) Poor pay 50p to £1 above the minimum wage, 3) Overworked doing 3/4 peoples jobs, 5) Short staff on every area of the store, 7) Moral is really low, 8) Poor health and safety and working conditions, 9) Staff toilets are not clean that you can’t even breath when you go in there smells of pooh, 11) No career development, but who wants to work there anywhere, 11) Exploitation of the weak and vulnerable in society who can’t get jobs elsewhere."

Warehouse Operative/Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Bad place for a career. Especially if you are from an ethnic minority background. They even set up black people to commit mistakes. I was once set up with a broken pallet carefully wrapped to be on upper shelves with a forklift. They kept cutting my hours.NoneLotsThanks for your comments - really shocking to read that this has been your experience as we do so much as a company to encourage inclusion for all colleagues. We have a really diverse colleague base at all levels so find it hard to read that you feel that ethnicity is a barrier for career progression. We'll be sure to share your comments with our Wellness & Inclusion Manager so he can look into this further."

Seasonal Casual Operative (Former Employee) says

"This store in keighley is crazy, open relationships amongst coworkers , nights out organised by managers to get drunk with coworkers, which lead to the police coming in to store to question an employee for serious allegations , just the most shameful place, biased workloads and biased managers with oddly not a single European worker in the whole store at my time of employment when the area was full of different European races , enough said make your own judgementSeasonalManagers, hostile attitudes with no reasonThanks for your review - we'll look into your comments immediately as this isn't how we encourage our colleagues to live our values."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Not a pleasant place to work or a company to work for. Under paid, bullied by management, over worked and unappreciated. Working conditions are unsafe and a lack of training makes it difficult to do your job.NonePoor managementThanks for your comments, we'll look into the situation at Erdington with immediate effect."

Customer Services Agent (Former Employee) says

"Has closed now but the part of the company I was in was badly managed, ineffective, immensely horrible and utterly stressful. Software didnt work. Training was none existent and whilst my colleagues were amazing and some supervisors were brilliant, overall the entire place was appalling to work in due to mismanagementLovely colleaguesDreadful managementThanks for your review and sorry to hear that you didn't have the best experience in your specifc store. Harlow was closed quite a while ago now, and we've made a lot of changes to our induction, training and IT since then so hopefully, should you rejoin us in the future, your experience will be a lot better."

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Worst place to ever work in. Bullying occurs, no support from management, poor work ethics, sometimes they ask way too much of you for what they pay. The company has let me down time and time again although i worked there for 5 yearsno prosRubbish hours, no work life balance, no support, no training, no equipment necessary to do your jobThanks for sharing your veiws about your experience in your store, we'll be sure to share these with the store management team so that improvements can be made."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"bad experience,managers dont do anything all day, some of them just go out for coffee breaks every 10 minutes and smoke breaks all day. management is very bad and most of the managers are not s nice, the hardest part of the job was when there would be 100 customers with only 2 members of staff inThanks for your comments, this isn't how we live our values at B&Q so we'll share your feedback with the relevant regional team for that specific store and investigate how improvements can be made."

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"I currently work for B&Q and I have to be honest, they’re the worst company I’ve ever worked for. The managers are bullies. Constantly trying to find reasons to sack staff that they don’t like. They speak to you like you’re a child. They expect you to change shifts with a few hours notice. Managers spend most of the shift in the coffee shop, but god forbid you get caught chatting. hoursThanks for sharing, sorry to hear that you're not having a great experience in your specific store. We hope that you feel able to share your feedback with your line manager so that changes can be addressed in store."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked for trade point and got the the company record for activations I all so did tv adverts and training videos I took 30.000 a month it to this departmentThanks for sharing - we're not sure why you've awarded only one star when it sounds like you were celebrated for being a great colleague?! Congrats on the TV adverts, training videos and company record, we hope that you have similar success in your next job. All the best."

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The mangers do not help any one in the store and don't help anyone within the store. They don't like helping anyone who is struggling asking for help."

Customer assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management overwork you and no matter how well you perform they expect more, they call you up on holidays asking for you to come in then demonize you if your unable or unwilling."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked at B&Q for two years horrible management bad hours and bad pay. Got to the point where this job was seriously effecting my mental health and resigned after the worst two years.Thanks for sharing, sad to hear that you were unhappy for a whole two years - that's a very long time to stay in a job that you felt unhappy in, especially as there's so many other places to work in London. Thanks for your two years of service, and we truly wish you all the best for your next job."

Warehouse colleague (Former Employee) says

"Management need replacing absolutely rude and two faced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always trying to rob your sick pay and other benefits would not work for these at all scum of the earth.Thanks for your feedback - we're not sure what store you're referring to as we don't have a 'Manton Wood' location, but we wish you all the best in your next job."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"B&Q are all about the take. they are not willing to listen to your concerns when you have them. they will nod and say that they will lookin to it? you can get fired by this company then go and work in another store!!!"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Worse job you can possibly get, you get treated like garbage. When i was working there was through agency and they where paying 6.95. Very stressful job.Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your experience - but we're not sure that you're reviewing B&Q? It's rare that we use agency workers, and we can't control the wages that agencies pay as in this case you'd be employed by the ageny, not B&Q. We hope that things improve for you in your next role."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I mainly worked stock filling and tiding on flooring and tiling I learnt the difference in tiles and different thickness and sizes in flooring, looking to learn something new as I’m still youngThanks for your comments, and sorry to read that you didn't make the most of the learning and development opportunities we have here at B&Q. There's 36 apprenticeships on offer, plus a host of development programmes to choose from, so please do look into these should you ever return. Thanks again."

MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"awful place to work bad atmosphere customer service is non existant, nobody cares anymore and prices are not competitive with other retailers of the same natureThanks for sharing, sorry that you've had a bad experience in your specific store. We hope that you go on to find some positivity in your next career move."

B&Q Customer Advisor (Current Employee) says

"When I started at B&Q I mentioned to the manager that I can only do certain hours due to other commitments and was told that was fine. Soon as I started my rota was on over 34 hours a week even though I am contracted to 24 hours. My manager never asked me if I wanted to-do overtime and just kept adding on to my shifts. Managers expect you to-do a lot more than your job role is limited to and treat you bad.Thanks for your comments regards working hours. If you're contracted for 24 hours per week, then please do have an open and honest conversation with your line manager and let them know that you can only do the 24 hours that you signed up for. Without an honest conversation, most managers will assume that colleagues are happy working overtime as so many of our colleagues ask for extra shifts - so your line manager may need reminding. Most issues like these can be resolved with a professional conversation in store. All the best, we hope all is resolved soon."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"~new starter who is old friend of hr and managers received special treatment even when other staff reported bullying. never investigated and was brushed off. when another member of staff stood up for themsrlves and refused to be treated so poorly the NS went to management accusing them of bullying them. staff member given formal warning. ~management screamed at one staff member in front of the store and didn't care about embarrassing them in front of customers. ~positions axed leaving staff members struggling to keep jobs and commitments ~refusal to accommodate for staff members with children even though it says in the contract and during interview they will ~can only have three sick days in a whole year before formal disciplinary action ~have to work short shifts because they don't want to pay for so many breaks ~no support seen many leave from stress related illnesses ~forced to work when ill and made to feel bad when can't ~if you work outside 8am-2pm you never see hr and hard to get on the phone ~no room for progression because they bring in managers and supervisors from other stores ~some staff members are horrible always talking about people behind their backs and even right in front of them don't care about how they make others feel. spread lies about peopleThanks for taking the time to share your feedback. It sounds like you were in quite a complex situation in your specific team, and some of your comments above suggest that there's been some misunderstanding of policies and support available i.e. sickness, flexible working options etc. We'll be sure to share your comments with the relevant Regional Manager and Regional People Partner so that they can advise on changes, where necessary."

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